Rings are more than just a piece of jewelry. Your rings demonstrate achievement and success. Whether you need a replica ring or need help creating an entire new custom design for your event Success Promotions has you covered.  We are passionate about sports and the impact sport has on all of our lives. We aspire to create beautiful rings that symbolize so much more than the metal and jewels that form them – we create a piece of history.

Not into sports? No problem! Here at Success Promotions we create hundreds of rings for conference events, fundraising giveaways, Casino prizes, and so many more. 

  • All of our rings are fully customizable as far as style, shape, size, colors, stone colors, logo placement, 3D effects, and also replicas rings.
  • Our rings are made out of zinc alloy and have cubic zirconia stones
  • We have sizes 6-14 available
  • Each customized ring design has its own separate steel mold made to ensure the quality and detail of the rings
  • They are packages in either a velvet bag or full color box with a base, both are customized to clients design

With our great quality and low prices we customize each ring with individual design that will make your ring standout from the rest. 

Note: The rings displays are not available for purchase by the general public.