High / Mid / Unstructured Caps

Whats Your Style?

High Profile/Pro Style Baseball Caps

Designed to fit the specifications of the caps worn by professional baseball players, pro style caps have a rigid structure in the crown that helps them maintain the same shape, even after long use. Pro style caps tend to be higher than other baseball caps and sit lower on the head.

Mid Profile Baseball Caps

Caps with a lower profile are often not as rigid and sit on the head in a more natural way. The crown of these caps does not tend to be as rigid, and can be more flexible for easier storage and mobility.

Unconstructed Baseball Caps

An unconstructed baseball cap does not have the white lining that would keep the crown in a rigid shape. This makes the cap flexible and easy to store or transport. These kinds of caps are available with many different options in terms of bills and other aspects of style.